Private Class

60-75 MINUTES $90

Private classes create a connection between student and teacher that can not be replicated in a group class setting. Whether you are brand new to yoga or just looking to increase your ability this private class option is perfect for you. Before our session I will conduct a short phone call to assess your skill level and will create a flow specific to your needs. Special music, movement and meditation requests are all welcome.


Group Classes

60 MINUTES $100 • 90 MINUTES $120

Special group classes can be a great way to de-stress before any big life event or just on your average weekend. This option is suggested for a group in size from 3-15 people. If your group has more than 15 people, please send me an email or a text message to discuss further. Class themes, difficulty level, location and length are all made specifically for your group. 


Corporate Classes

60 MINUTES $125 • 90 MINUTES $150

Studies have shown that providing a mid day active break for your employees can boost team morale, effectiveness of work completed in the afternoon, and happiness at the place of employment. For class sizes ranging from 10-30 this is a great way to introduce a healthy lifestyle to your team while also seeing a great return on investment for your company. Please email for availbility and class options. 


Charity Class

60 MINUTES $100 Donated time 

I truly believe in giving back to this world with my gifts. If your charity event is in need of a yoga instructor to get the masses moving. Please send me an email with event description, amount of people and theme of the event. These events are limited monthly but we are open to all inquiries. Please fill out my contact form and provide event information and we can schedule a time to talk.


Weekly Community Classes

60 MINUTES DOnation Based

Every week we offer a donations based community class to give yoga and mediation back to the community. While this class mostly takes place during sunset on Sundays at Sunset cliffs, it is subject to moving around the city. Please see my calendar of events to find out where we will be this week. Donation only, hugs count :)


Posture clinic

 Private 60 MINUTES $45 - Group 60 minutes $65

Have you always wondered if you are doing the poses right in a yoga class? Are you interested in learning proper yoga anatomy and posture? This option is great for the yoga enthusiast looking to deepen their practice by learning to correct and joint protection posture associated with all poses in a standard flow. This option is available for private or small group classes


Have an idea?

Contact me

Have an idea related to wellness, yoga, swimming or any other parts of my skill set? I am open! Lets talk!




For reservations or information:

Please reach out to me via email contact me here through the website so we can discuss how I can best serve you.