Office Yoga

What can a wellness addition do for your workforce? Studies show that employees or members that incorporate activity into their day are more productive and more committed to the organization. Check out the benifits in this article:


Here at Yoga Jawn, office yoga was influential in making yoga a central part of my life. The opportunity made me motivated for work and excited about wellness in a new way. I felt more connected to my organization and was given the opportunity to cross network outside of my own department. It made me feel connected to the entire office, not just my team. If you are looking to add a wellness program to your work space, we can help create a unique plan that fits your office needs. 


Looking forward to helping you create your best work environment, one yoga class at a time. 



One class per week

One day per week during lunch dor after work we bring the yoga to your team. Options for time and day subject to availability. Contact us here for more info.