Sharing my story in an interview with SD Voyager!

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A few months ago a woman from SD Voyager magazine reached out to me to do an interview about Yoga Jawn and our community. 

I am truly humbled and kind of excited that I got to share my sotry with the world. I have so many big dreams and goals in life and this interview helped me to shape them and really connect with what it was that I'm doing. 

As I answered most of these questions I realized that it was less about what I do, and more about the people that surround me. My friends, fellow teachers, my mentors, my family and most of all our community. Without all of you none of my dreams would come true. 

I know I say it often but I really can not believe how lucky I am that so many people continue to create this community with me. Thank you for lifting me up to reach dreams and aspirations that seemed impossible even a year ago. You guys are the foundation on which my dreams have been built. 

The interview:


Today we’d like to introduce you to Jacqueline Brooker.

Jacqueline, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I began my yoga business “Yoga Jawn” in September of 2017. I wanted a way to bring accessible yoga classes to everyone regardless of money or experience. I grew up as an endurance athlete in the sport of swimming and for me, it was never about being the best, it was always about love of movement and sport. I started my journey to yoga instructor after finding it difficult to fit swim coaching into my corporate office schedule.

What I discovered after completing the teacher certification was that there is an untapped resource in our yoga community. So many people are afraid to walk into a studio for the first time. So many people are turned off by the cost. In an effort to resolve both of those issues I came up with the idea to bring free community yoga to the beach communities. I create every class to be welcoming and ego-free for all who attend. I know it can be hard to step out of a comfort zone but I strive to create space for anyone who wants to give yoga a try.

Since the beginning of this business, I have ventured out to help other entrepreneurs through business advising, extended class offerings to local wine tasting rooms and have even launched my first retreat, all in under one year. Following my passion has opened up doors and ideas I never knew that I had.


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