My top 5 favorite playlists from the last year

When it comes to creating the space for my classes I spend a lot of time centering my energy before class. That includes some lite meditation on the beach, spending time on my own practice to create sequenced movements that feel good and also spending time creating a playlist that creates the atmosphere I feel in my heart.

Over the past year I have created quite the collection on my Spotify channel of all of our playlists. Many come from a similar place but often they have a unique feeling that can be picked up if you listen to them without the movement.

Below are my top 5 favorite playlists that I’ve created for our classes in the past year and why I love them.

5. 9/9/18- Love yoga

  • I created this playlist for two of my great friends who were married on this date. They are both full of loving energy but also have an intensely personal relationship with fitness and mindfulness. They chose to start their wedding morning with a yoga class on the beach. It was so epic and a perfect way to settle into the meaning of the day before the craziness of the wedding party began. This playlist has a special place in my heart for that reason. (Cute photo below of all of us after the yoga class <3 )

Love Yoga.jpg

4. 1/20/18- Vine-yasa

  • This is the playlist from my very first winery class. I was so incredibly nervous for this event. I spent weeks prepping for it mentally and emotionally. It was the first event that included selling tickets which taught me a lot about what I want to bring to the community of yoga while balancing that this is a way to sustain myself. In this playlist the first two songs were played on low volume as people settled into their mats. the rest of the songs speak for themselves. We ended up doing 4 more of these events and I loved every one. Picture below is of that very first Vine-yasa class at Gianni Buonomo Vintners in Ocean Beach.

Vineyasa 1.jpg

3. 12/17/17- Morning Yoga on the Cliffs

  • This is a playlist that I continually return to for many of my classes. If you are a regular at our Sunset Cliffs Yoga classes or in my 24 hour fitness classes, I guarantee you’ve heard this one more than once. Shortly before this class my husband took me to see the San Diego Symphony and I fell in love with the idea of integrating modern classical into my music playlists. In this playlist there is one song that I particularly love. Clare de lune was played during savasana, and while I’ve always thought this song was beautiful there was nothing like observing a full community of students absorb that beauty. The energy immediately relaxed and shifted into a beautiful calm place. Every time I play it in class now I get chills. Below is a photo of the class where I first played this. Standing on the rock in the blue shirt is my yoga mentor who came to see what it was that I was building. To date this is the largest class I’ve ever taught and it was incredible.


2. Opt Outside Yoga 2017

  • I’m including this playlist mainly because of the vibe this created that day in class. It’s around the time I really started listening to Odesza which is now in regular rotation in my house. It’s also around the time that my classes started to become something more than I could have dreamed. The community created weekly started to shift into something so magical. Every week I walked away from class feeling more and more like yoga was a calling and it was because of the students in class. I don’t know what it was that shifted our community, but I like to play this playlist at home to get back in touch with the gratitude I have for what is created week after week. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the people who show up and hold the space. I’ll never really be able to share how thankful I am for our sunset cliffs yoga community.

  • Below is a picture of my favorite student from that day. This little pup sat like this the whole class and looked at me as I walked back and forth in front of the class, all time favorite student :)


1. 12/31/17 Morning Yoga on the Cliffs

  • This class. Y’all. I will never forget New Year weekend of 2017. I thought, “oh fun NYE falls on a Sunday I’ll teach a class and people can say goodbye to 2017”. I did not expect the event to go viral and explode. I ended up adding in a Friday class, a Saturday class, and 3 Sunday classes. All of them filled up to the max with students who were brand new that day but have continued to be a part of our community ever since. It was overwhelming and scary but also enlightening and awe inspiring. I’m getting chills and a bit teary eyed thinking about it. Every student that weekend gave me more than I could ever give in return and I will be forever thankful for each and every one of you. I spent a lot of time preparing this playlist because I was so nervous and I wanted it to really fit the mood. I still add this to the rotation regularly so if you come to my classes a lot you’ve likely heard this one plenty of times :)

  • Below are several photos from that weekend as well as the playlist all of you heard if you were in one of those classes.

If you’d like to hear more fun playlists check out our events page on Facebook to see what we have coming up in the next few weeks.

Two events that I’m really excited about are our VisionBoard workshop after the new year (Which is halfway sold out!!!) and our Retreat to Breckenridge in February. Both still have room for you to join if you would like to get deeper into the practice.

As always, you can find us out on the cliffs on most weekends and we will be adding more fun events as the months move on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this community. For everything you’ve shared with me over the last year. You mean the world to me and I hope I have given you some peace and happiness in return.


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