"I'm not flexible enough to do yoga"

One of my favorite parts of being a teacher is introducing people to yoga as a new way to open the body mind and spirit. There are so many students that cross my path that had never taken a yoga class or haven't been on their mat for years, until they decided to take one of my classes.

When I started teaching I invited every person I knew in San Diego to come to my classes. A lot of the "no's" I received were from friends who said "I'm not flexible enough for yoga". To be honest when I encourage people to attend my class, or any class for that matter, this is one of the most frequent things I am told about why people have never been in a class. 

So let's talk about flexibility. And let's be honest about it. 

I am here to tell you, as a yoga teacher, that I am not flexible. It took me 6 months to touch my mat while doing a forward fold. I can't do splits (half splits are still hard for me). I have tight shoulders from years of swimming. My hips are equally as tight from years of running and sitting at my desk. I'm also not the most in shape yogi you'll ever see. There's no six pack here and I have jiggle body parts too. With all of that above, I still practice yoga. 

In the last year I have grown to be able to reach my mat with ease in a forward fold.  Half splits went from impossible to a deep relaxing stretch (working up to my full split hopefully someday!). My shoulders are now open enough to bind my hands together behind my back and my hips are constantly being stretched and opened taking away years of uncomfortable pain that area. I still don't have a 6 pack and I'm still a little jiggly, but every day gets me closer to my goals of flexibility and strength. 

It's important to remember that yoga can promote flexibility but its not the only part of this practice. Yoga can be as simple and sitting on the ground and taking deep cleansing breathes. Yoga can be holding a lunge and breathing deeply for 5 seconds. Yoga can be relaxing on a mat on the beach while trying to center yourself in the moment with meditation. 

There are yoga classes in chairs to make it accessible to those with limited mobility. There are yoga classes that encourage deep breath work. There are yoga classes for recovery, for cancer survivors, for children, for the elderly, for mama's to be, for men, for crossfitters and even prison yoga! You name it and I guarantee you there is a yoga class for every person on this planet. 

So if you are reading this and you've said to me or someone else, "I'm not flexible enough for yoga", try it anyway. If you'd like to do a private yoga class with me to try it out before you join a group, leave me a comment or send me an email. I'm down!

Our limits are only as big as the belief we put into them. So let go of those limits telling you that you can't do yoga and join me at a class. I'd love to meet you on your mat this week or maybe even at our Yoga retreat in Breckenridge (shameless plug, couldn't help it haha).

If you used to be one of these poeple who said any of the excuses I listed above, share with us in the comments about how you were able to overcome that and make it to your yoga mat!

Love and Light, 


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