December 17th class recap- Our largest community yet!

This week over 53 people joined us in our community yoga class. 53 powerful sources of energy in this space. Thank you!!


On September 10th I taught my first sunset cliffs class. There were 8 people in attendance, all of them were friends and neighbors. I was so terrified because I wasn't sure anyone would show. But I did it anyway.

In October after two months of sunset classes we switched to morning class and again, 8 people came. It was so scary because I just wanted to create a good inviting space for all. So I did it anyway.

Today 53 people showed up to our class and I don't even have words. I never thought we would have this community and to be honest there's days when I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing. You have all helped create this. You all built the staircase for this idea. I am so thankful we have this class and space. Mostly I am thankful to all of you for teaching me how to be a teacher. Thank you times 1000.


Every week I get a few questions on how to donate after attending class. Luckily there are several ways that I have listed out below!

  • Donate through Venmo
  • Like my Facebook page and review my classes. Honest feedback is always appreciated!
  • Share your photo on Instagram and tag @yoga_jawn in your comments


Class playlist

Did you hear any music you liked in this weeks class? Well good news! Here is our class playlist :) Follow me on spotify for more yoga tunes!

Upcoming events

  • 12/31/17: Morning yoga on the Cliffs 9am....(maybe?)
    • I am considering adding a second class on New Years eve Morning due to the overwhelming response to our 11am class. Please let me know if you'd like to see this class added by participating in our Facebook poll! If you have another time to suggest (or perhaps another location!) let me know in the comments!


  • 12/31/17: Morning yoga on the cliffs 11am
    • Our last Morning community class of the year. I am so excited to share this time and class with you all. These community classes are really the start of something amazing. We wouldn't have them without all of you! Prepare for an extra large class size today as this event is spreading like wildfire on Facebook. Please arrive early to check in!
  • 1/20/18: Vine-yasa: Yoga Class, Pour a glass
    • Join us for a special OB event! Together with Gianni Buinomo Vintners we are hosting a yoga and wine class. Included in the ticket is one glass of locally created wine and an hour yoga class. Come out and support our local small business! Please RSVP at the link above. Tickets are $20.
Jackie Kowalik