New Year's Eve Yoga-Palooza!

It has taken me almost a full week to really digest that last weekend happened. Over 300 students spread out across 5 classes and every single class was amazing. I feel all the feels... lucky, blessed, loved, grateful. I don't even really feel like saying thank you is enough, but THANK YOU! 

Intentions for the New year

After really sitting and thinking about the intentions we set last weekend I feel so light and happy. So often it is easy to say to ourselves "2017 was a horrible year, can't wait for it to be over". I admit it crossed my mind for a brief second, but then I recentered on my current moment. The past is where it is.... in the past. When we focus our intention and our thoughts to the place we are right now, we let go of depression (where we were) and anxiety (where we think we are supposed to be) and we really begin to live happily in our moment. My wish for you as you exhale this past year is that you will continue to stay in the moment, accepting the bad with the good and checking in with your thoughts regularly to keep it positive. 


Every week people ask me how to donate for attending class, so I like to make that available. Please see below :)

  • Follow me on Facebook and leave a review. Tell me how I'm doing. I love the feedback!
  • Follow me on Instagram or tag @yoga_jawn in your photos from class
  • I have a venmo... I don't know much about it but here it is haha :)
  • Invite friends to the next yoga class and spread the love <3 


Since we taught two classes this weekend we have two playlists to share. We also shared these on our Facebook page for all to see. You can also follow me on Spotify for more yoga tunes goodness :)

Thank you to the teachers and brands that helped us this weekend!

As the classes last weekend grew I found myself reaching out to my teacher community regularly asking for people to help. Below is a list of all the people who stepped up to help us make the weekend a success!

  • My husband. This man is a saint and is forever supporting all of my big crazy dreams. Thank you for helping me get prepared for class and reminding me that I could do it. It's just yoga after all :)
  • John Quirk- When I posted in the San Diego teacher group you totally stepped up to help without even knowing me. And now we are buddies! Thank you!!
  • Kristi the yogi- You sparkly magical unicorn. You have been one of my biggest supporters since I started teaching. Thank you for helping to assist at yoga on the bay and for coming to all of my classes. ILU!
  • Cami- You are also one of my teacher training sisters and have always been such a support. Thank you for always bring me calming vibes, heart hugs and bomb assists! 
  • Darrce- Our teacher connected us both saying we were kindred spirits and maaaaan was she right. You came and held space for me on Friday and it was the beginning of a wonderful weekend. Thank you!!
  • Awakenmint- My gurl Anna! Thank you for adding another class for people to attend on NYE morning. There was such a need for classes to be created and you jumped right in to help. Now we have another class for everyone to go to regularly. ILU!
  • KeVita Kombucha- Thank you for coming to our class on the bay and handing out free Kombucha to our students. It was such a lovely surprise and welcome addition to our beautiful community. Can't wait to have you out again! #innerselfie

Upcoming events

Just two more weeks to Vine-yasa! We are about 50% to capacity as I write this and I expect this event will sell out. If you are planning to come, get your tickets sooner rather than later! It's going to be a great time, also there will be locally made wine there. Nothing better that supporting a small business and getting our yoga on!

If you want to grab tickets follow this link: I like wine and yoga


I literally can not wait to see what 2018 brings to this community. I feel so positive about whats happening. Thank you for believing in this community and in the idea that yoga is for everyone. I love you all. Have I told you that lately? 

See you next week!