Welcome to Yoga Jawn!




This website and business has been in the making for me for a long time. I have always wanted to serve people by inspiring a healthy and active lifestyle, I just could never really pinpoint how to best do that, until now.

I grew up in the sport of swimming, surrounded by highly successful athletic parents. The message to me was to push yourself to grow and learn, do your best, set your goals and reach for your dreams. While I was certainly no Katie Ledecky in the pool, my passion for athletics shifted from participant to coach late in my high school years after seeing the impact of teaching younger swimmers to set goals.

I started teaching swim lessons at my local high school, participated in an adapted aquatics class and switched from being a club swimmer to coaching the 8 and under team. At this early age I felt a calling to share activity and wellness with everyone around me. 

Over the years I have coached several swim teams, taught nutrition in elementary schools and provided adapted water aerobics to several different levels and abilities of swimmer. 

So you might be asking yourself, why all the swimming talk, I thought you taught yoga?! To me they are one in the same. When my schedule no longer provided me with the ability to fit coaching into my day, I started looking for alternatives. I wanted something that provided the zen quality of the pool along with the peacefulness of a steady breathe. It is clear now when I look back that yoga was always the answer, but it took me a year or two to get there. 

Through luck and gifts from the universe I met several guides that pushed me towards this path. My friend Angela who taught community classes on the cliffs, Catherine who taught classes at my place of employment, and the local studios all over Ocean Beach, San Diego. 

After seeing a friend of mine graduate from a local teacher training I reached out to the studio where she completed her journey. Over a 24 hour period of discussing it with my partner, we decided it was the right move and I signed up for my 200 hour training.

My only wish for myself was that I hadn't chosen the summer right before my wedding to complete my training, but here we are haha. Over an emotional few months of learning my own limits, challenges and places that needed more love, I accomplished completion in my teacher training. I learned the importance of having a commuity that will lift you up when you doubt yourself and the importance of what it meant to be a teacher that doesn't give up on people. I am forever thankful for my Omies in the Reach Yoga teacher training. 

With the support of friends and Family I present to you my newest journey. Yoga Jawn. A tribute to my love of Yoga and all things involved with it. I hope you'll join me along the way as I open new classes and teach throughout the United States